27 Nov 2023

AMA applauds Minister for Manufacturing appointment


Advanced Manufacturing Aotearoa (AMA) applauds the appointment of Andrew Bayly as Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Minister for Small Business and Manufacturing, and Minister of Statistics.

AMA Chief Executive, Catherine Lye, says it cements the new coalition Government’s commitment to advanced manufacturing.

“A connected, educated and resourced advanced manufacturing community is the key to a prosperous and productive manufacturing sector in New Zealand,” she says.

“The fact that Minister Bayly is also across small business works well, as advanced manufacturing for small to medium businesses means offering higher quality products, reducing costs and operating more sustainably, which in turn leads to improved competitiveness and growth.”

New Zealand’s manufacturing sector currently contributes $23.28b to GDP, 60 per cent of the country’s exports, and in the four years to 2022 shed more than 2000 kilotons of carbon emissions output, Ms Lye says.

AMA is an incorporated society that works alongside key sector partners in business, including unions, research and educational institutions, industry organisations, and those representing Māori and Pasifika manufacturers.

It actively gathers input from its stakeholders across New Zealand to provide feedback to the Government that is used to make transparent and non-biased decisions on behalf of all stakeholders.

Ms Lye says that indicators and anecdotal evidence shows that the manufacturing sector has had a tough time, but this is another positive sign that things are starting to look up.  

“We look forward to continuing to work collectively and constructively with Minister Bayly and the Government to deliver meaningful change for the manufacturing sector together,” she says.

For more information, please visit www.amanz.nz.


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