23 Feb 2024

Success Stories: ANZ Business of the Year Awards 2024 (Ashburton District)

Running a successful business isn’t always easy, in fact it’s often a very testing environment. Consumer habits evolve, legislative requirements change, competitors joust for market share, and all of that is before we even consider the monumental challenges of covid-19.   The Ashburton local business community is a switched on, innovative group who work hard to support our people and economy, but their efforts aren’t always given the recognition they deserve. The ANZ Business of The Year Awards for the Ashburton District endeavour to celebrate excellence and give our high achieving businesses a pat on the back for their creativity and passion.


The Excellence in Manufacturing Award recognise the region's successful manufacturers of materials, products, or technology. These awards honour businesses that drive customer value through leading-edge innovation, operational efficiency, sustainable supply chain practices, and high levels of employee engagement.

These awards celebrate manufacturers that contribute to the region's economic growth by delivering exceptional products and services through innovation and efficiency. They prioritise sustainability and employee engagement as integral parts of their success.

Finalists 2024 - Excellence in Manufacturing


RX Plastics Limited - WINNER - Judges said: There are a lot of things you can do with a plastic pipe! Their innovation and product design was outstanding.

Smith Attachments Ltd


Cullimore Engineering - Highly Commended - Judges said: Their engineering products are different, but world class, and a phenomenal business.


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