21 Mar 2024

Success Stories: East Auckland Business Awards 2024

Business East Tamaki staged an unforgettable evening filled with recognition, inspiration and a lot of fun on the 20th March!  Congratulations to the finalists in the 'excellence in industry & manufacturing' category and winner Leanne's Kitchen.


WINNER:  Leanne’s Kitchen is an East Auckland based food manufacturer and marketer of frozen dumplings for the retail and foodservices sectors in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Leanne’s kitchen has been instrumental in leading the category to retail sales in supermarkets of $26m in 2023.

The company is focused on producing dumplings that are great value and of excellent quality for New Zealand and Pacific families.

By investing significantly into technology and introducing automation and lean manufacturing principles to the manufacturing process, Leanne’s Kitchen has dramatically increased capacity and efficiency and can now produce well over 180,000 dumplings in a single shift.

By investing in state-of-the-art spiral freezer, dumplings machines, new packaging equipment has enabled the company to quickly process and pack its products ready for the market. Automation also enables consistency of quality product every time.

Automation has also allowed the company to hold its pricing to the supermarkets for over 8 years whilst it has had increased its market share to 43%.

Leanne’s Kitchen through its research and development is constantly looking for new product introduction and has recently brought to market three new Plant Based products and regularly receive a 10 out of 10 in the yum scale from customers!!!

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