17 May 2024

TechStep - Tech Ambassadors to inspire the next generation

Technology and digital capability is everywhere within the jobs in our manufacturing businesses.  But does everyone know that there are many jobs in manufacturing that have technology and digital capability as key requirements for these jobs?


TechStep is a MBIE funded initiative that inspires and informs people who might not otherwise think a tech or digital career is possible for them. This includes Māori, Pacific, women, neurodiverse, disabled people, career changers, school aged students and those people that influence them, i.e. careers teachers, teachers and parents.  

The focus is on this audience as they generally have very low representation in tech or tech related roles - this includes any jobs in the manufacturing industry. 

TechStep is being delivered by the Auckland Business Chamber, Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce and their many partners around Aotearoa.  The team would like to appeal to Manufacturers to get involved. 

TechStep is delivering our work through two main focus areas:


1) A marketing campaign – this is being delivered through many forms of social media and a website (www.techstep.nz ). The social media campaign and website have some key elements which are:

  1. Ambassadors – these are people from our target audience that have stories that inspire, inform, and show it is possible to have a career in tech. These are used on social media, and also appear on the website at https://www.techstep.nz/techflicks/. One of our stories comes from a young job changer in a manufacturing business - https://www.techstep.nz/portfolio/ethan-green-ipamp/
  2. Career Crate – a Resource Centre for information about technology related jobs
  3. TechEd – a range of resources for people to tap into for tech education


2) Face to face events across the country - these are designed to inspire and inform people on different aspects of tech from skills through to job - you can see some of the events here https://www.techstep.nz/techevents/ 


TechStep has been running since July 2023 and has been really successful so far. The marketing work has had hundreds of thousands of views of the resources, and some great events have been supported also.


How could the AMA help?


TechStep are looking for new and interesting ambassadors and would love to hear from anyone with a recommendation for an ambassador. Some key requirements for any ambassador are:

If you would like to reach out and have a conversation or have a recommendation, please contact Patrick McKibbin - CEO, Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce on 021 248 1203 or patrick@hvchamber.org.nz 

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